free act software utilitiesThere may be no such thing as a free lunch but there are a few free ACT Addons.  By far my favorite is the “Freemium” version of ACT E-Marketing.  That means you can start by using all of the ACT E-Marketing bells and whistles for 60 days, and then continue to use a limited “free” version for the next year.

Sometimes small routine tasks that seem relatively simple can be a source of frustration to ACT users.  Xact Software is an ACT! add-on developer that focuses on building applications for ACT! that improve workflow and/or connects ACT! to other office software .  From time to time, Xact Software provides free ACT addons through their site to help overcome those little “I wish I could do this in ACT!” moments that users experience.

Xact recently released 3 cool addons that you might want to take advantage of:

  1. Bulk Opportunity Status Update – a plugin that is accessible from the Tools menu can be applied to a lookup of ACT! opportunities saving the need to update opportunity status one at a time.
  2. Activity ID/Status – Using the ACT! activity Location field, this plugin displays the data from the Contact  ID/Status field in the Task List for easy identification of important customers or conditions
  3. Edit Append – complements the bulk update capability for ACT! fields, so now you can add data to an existing field without removing the current data.

Feel free (pun intended) to download these and other free ACT utilities from