Act! Salesforce Conversion Services

Act! Salesforce Conversion Services

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Our expertise goes beyond that of a typical Certified Act! Consultant.  We’ve written seven books on Act!, our support staff consists of former Act! employees and we are one of five authorized Act! database repair centers world-wide.

Salesforce to Act! Conversions

Your Salesforce backup consists of 41 .csv files as well as 2 folders for documents and attachments.  Send us the backup and we’ll send you a written quote for the conversion.  Or, simply send us a snapshot of your current usage and we’ll send you back a quote for the conversion.

sales force to act conversionsAct! to Salesforce Conversions

If you’ve decided to move from Act! to another CRM product we can help you get all of your data out.  We know that your data is critically important to you; as sad as we are that you’re leaving Act! we also know that you might just be back before too long!

You’ve probably already discovered that it’s easy to export your Company/Account, Contact and Opportunity fields out of Act.  And, if you have Act! v16 you know that you can export your history items as well.  What you might have struggled with is getting your Notes, Activities  and User profiles out of Act!

Once you’ve exported the necessary data you need to have a unique identifier attached to each and every record so that you can put the pieces back together again in your new CRM product.  For example, you might have two “John Smith’s” in your database; CRM products typically assign a “machine code” to each one so that the proper notes, etc, line up with the correct contact.

Send us your Act! Database and for a flat fee of $500 we will extract 20 separate .csv files including:

  • Company data and custom fields
  • Contact data and custom fields
  • Group membership and custom fields
  • Notes, Histories and Activities
  • Opportunities, Sales Stages and Products
  • Secondary Contacts and Relationships
  • Field drop-downs/picklists

We offer a quick turn around time.  And, each file will include the unique identifiers necessary to rebuild your Act! data in the new database format.