Virtual Act! Users Group


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The Virtual Act! Users Group is open to all interested people who use or intend to use Act! Our meetings are designed to give users the opportunity to learn to use Act! more effectively and find out how other companies are using Act! In addition, members will learn about the many add-on products that integrate with Act!! The meetings are open to the public and moderated by Karen Fredricks, author of five Act! For Dummies books.

How it works: Once you have registered for the meeting you will receive a link to either a GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar website. Approximately 10 minutes before the meeting, log on to the website to see the presentation.  You will be able to hear the webinars using your computer speakers.  You will be able to hear and see the meeting right from your office or home. Should you have a question you can type it into GoToWebinar’s Chat area so that the presenter will be able to answer your questions.

Is there a charge for the meetings? Depends on the topic.  Some meetings are free and some have a nominal charge to insure a spot.

Why virtual meetings? Since its inception in 2000, the meetings of the Act! Users Group of South Florida were held in Delray Beach, Florida. However, as the Users Group became more popular and folks from all over wanted to attend, we made the decision to hold the meetings “virtually”. Now, any and all Act! users can attend.

Are there any other benefits to meeting virtually? You betcha! You can attend the meeting without any travel time – and you have a “front row seat” for viewing the presentation.   Many participants like asking questions anonymously which leads to great interaction among participants.  By conducting the meetings over the Net I am able to make use of my Internet connectivity to illustrate various Act! features that require an Internet connection. In addition, I can invite other “experts” to display their products and answer your questions directly.

Are the sessions recorded? Yes, and all registrants will automatically receive a copy.

I signed up for a meeting but can’t attend.  Can I get a refund? In order to keep the meetings reasonably priced, refunds are not issued.  However, you will be able to listen to the recorded copy.