act database conversionI had someone call me last week who was enraged that Act! Support was not able to help them convert their Act! 5 database (circa 1999) to the latest version, Act! v17.    Another customer couldn’t understand why Swiftpage wasn’t willing to convert their 1997 Maximizer database to Act.  The customers felt that this service should be provided “free of charge.”

I like to compare software to cars.  Both require routine maintenance.  Both offer support plans “should things go wrong.”  Your purchase does not include training.  There can be a huge difference in the competency level of the user.  And you won’t receive much sympathy from the dealer if you demand that he fix your 15 year old car prior to purchasing a new one.

We provide Act! support for all versions of the Act! software.  It is not uncommon for someone to call me and start the conversation by saying, “Karen, you won’t believe this but we are still using Act! 5.”  Last year we supported several Act! 2.0 users and converted many Act! 5 databases.  Trust me, we’ve seen it all and have yet to find an Act! database that we couldn’t repair and/or convert to a newer Act! version.  However, our services are not free.

I’m often surprised when people “assume” that their software purchase includes free, unlimited technical support especially when it comes to data.  That is just not the case.  When you purchase Microsoft Office the folks at Microsoft are not going to hold your hand and help you move all of your old documents to a new computer.  If you purchase accounting software such as Quicken or Quick Books, Intuit is not going to sort through your shoe boxes of receipts and do your taxes.  And the folks at Swiftpage are not going to help you fix your 16 year old database!

The bottom line is that software companies must spend their money on development in order to keep up with the rapid changes in technology.  They cannot afford to train users how to master their software or how to get their data back in good working order.  That’s the job of a consultant.

If you need to convert an Act! database please give the Act! consultants at Tech Benders a call.  We’re here to help Act! users, both new and old and we can definitely convert and/or repair your database.