act training coursesAs many of you know I spent two lovely weeks in Central California last May recording training videos on Outlook 2010.  I want to let you know that they are now available on the website– and that you can watch yours truly on You Tube  talking about the courses.

For those of you who might not be familiar with I’d describe it as an online software school.  You can take out a monthly subscription for roughly $25 a month which give you access to all of the courses including my own courses on ACT 2010 and Outlook 2010.  For example, if you’re creating a blog you can take a Word Press course, or if you need to learn how to edit your photos you might want to check out a Photo Shop course.  The last time I looked there were over 800 available courses with new ones being added every day.

I actually created two courses on Outlook 2010.  The Outlook 2010 New Features course is aimed at Outlook users who are upgrading to 2010 and covers the “new stuff” such as the new Outlook Ribbon, Quick Steps and the Outlook Social Network connector.  The Outlook 2010 Essential Training course is for the new Outlook user who wants to learn everything from setting up an e-mail account and subscribing to blogs, to creating an address book and keeping a calendar.

Alternatively you can just purchase the course of your choice on DVD for $49 through Amazon.  My ACT 2010 Essential training DVD is currently available and the Outlook 2010 will be available shortly.