act v17
We’re really excited about Act! v18 because it adds  new features designed to make you more productive in less time.  But don’t just take our word for it – see it yourself!  Go to my You Tube Channel for video demonstrations on all the features.

Act is available in a number of versions:

  • Act v18 Pro:  for single users or small groups who don’t require remote access
  • Act v18 Premium Subscription:  for users with remote access needs.  Your subscription includes tech support and requires a yearly renewal.
  • Act v18 Premium Perpetual:  for users with remote access needs.  Your purchase includes one year of tech support and does NOT require a yearly renewal.
  • Act v18 Premium Hosted: Need remote access or want a cloud based version of Act?  Ask us about Act Hosted options!

New Act v18 features include all the features that you love PLUS:

  • Free 500 Contact Act E-Marketing account
  • Compatibility with Windows 10
  • Compatibility with Office 2016

New Act v18 Premium features include:

  • Redesigned web interface
  • New web API functionality
  • Full Google Chrome support

Need additional information?  Check out our Act! Resources page!

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