act reportsThe Reports Package includes over forty reports that ACT! users ask for but that are missing from the basic set of ACT! reports.  Using the Opportunity module?  We’ve added over 20 Opportunity reports.  Frustrated by the Address Book limitations?  We’ve added a bunch of those as well.

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This collection of ACT reports is designed to correct some of the flawed ACT reports that come out of the box – and add in many of the reports commonly requested by ACT users everywhere.  Unlike other ACT Report packages, our reports are written using the ACT Report Writer.  Once installed, you’ll be able to access the reports directly from ACT through the ACT Reports menu.

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The ACT Report Package includes the following reports:

  • Activities – Past and Future
  • Address Book of Home Addresses
  • Address Book of Main Addresses
  • Contacts listed by Company
  • Company Directory
  • Improved Contact Directory
  • Group Membership in Two Columns
  • Opportunities by Process and Status
  • Opportunities by Record Manager with Details
  • Improved Opportunities by Record Manager
  • Opportunity Activity Report
  • Phone Book Comprehensive in Two Columns
  • Pipeline by Process Report
  • Pipeline by Process Report with Detail
  • Pipeline by Process Report with Detail – Alternative
  • Improved History Summary Classic Report
  • Comprehensive History Summary Classic Report

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