swift page emailI often expound on the virtues of ACT! E-Marketing, formerly known as Swift Page E-mail.  I thought I’d share a conversation with one of my clients who had some reservations about switching to ACT! E-Marketing from one of the “other guys.”

“Hey Karen, I know you push ACT! E-Marketing.  I use MailChimp and I’m pretty happy with it.  Tell me why you think I should switch to ACT! E-Marketing.”

“Well Mr. Customer, I love the fact that I can send out an E-blast based on my current ACT! Lookup or to the contents of one of my groups.  A history of the E-blast will be automatically created on each contact’s record.  Once sent, I can create a Lookup to find which contacts opted-out or bounced, and update their records with a few keystrokes.  I can even create a call list in ACT! of the contacts that showed the biggest response to my E-blast.”

“Sold.  Setup an ACT! E-Marketing account for me.”

“Oh, and I forgot to tell you.  You can create all kinds of surveys using ACT! E-Marketing.  Check out this link on my website:  http://www.swiftpageemail.com/TechBenders.Kfredricks/SurveyUsersGroup/Survey.aspx.  You notice that it starts with ‘swiftpageemail.’  I get notification when someone fills in that form on my website and can then automatically add their contact information to my ACT! database.”

I thought I had done a great job of convincing my client to move to ACT! E-Marketing until I received an e-mail from him later that evening.  He had 25,000 contacts in MailChimp and thought it would be less expensive to do an initial mailing to weed out his opt-outs and bounces before moving to ACT! E-marketing; MailChimp charges him $.01 per e-mail so it would cost him $250 to do his mailing.

We did a bit of comparison shopping and found that sending 25,000 contact via ACT! E-Marketing would cost $150, a savings of $100.  We then analyzed his database and decided that it would make more sense to market to specific segments of his ACT! database.  He decided to use his ID/Status field and contact his clients one day and his prospects the next. This meant that he would only be sending out 12,000 emails at a time which would only require an $85 account. Needless to say, he decided to switch to ACT! E-Marketing.

Within minutes I had set my client up with an account, and he was ready to e-blast away.  Click here if you’d like to set up your own account or send me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to help you.