sugar crmIf there’s any doubt as to Karen’s knowledge of any and all things related to CRM software, check out the impressive list of titles that she has written.  In addition to 7 titles on ACT and 2 titles on Outlook, Karen was asked to write CRM books on several other CRM software products including:

  • SugarCRM For Dummies: A popular open-source CRM solution.
  • Outlook Business Contact Manager For Dummies: This contact manager comes free with many of the office suites and provides a great introduction to the world of contact management.
  • Small Business Marketing Tips For Dummies: This title was specifically requested by Microsoft and includes ways to use the Microsoft Office products  for your marketing efforts.
  • Microsoft Office Live For Dummies: Office Live provides a great way for small groups and organizations to create a website, share calendars and exchange data.

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