A good CRM implementation should be making you more efficient and saving you a lot of time.  After all, time is money.

A common question I’m asked is whether there is an easy way to add the incoming leads you receive from a website form directly into an ACT! database.  My answer is a resounding YES.

Many ACT! users don’t realize that the ACT! E-Marketing functionality does a whole lot more than simply send e-blasts.  The utility can also be used to create a web form.  Quite simply that means that means that when someone submits their contact information to you via your website their information will automatically appear in your ACT! database.

ACT! E-Marketing will allow you to create basic web forms.  I’ve recently partnered up with an amazing company, Juicy Results, who will connect those web forms to the “Contact Us” portion of your website and ensure that the web form will have the same look and feel as your existing website.  They also have some really great optimization services that will make sure that prospects are actually able to find your web site!

Jeremy Pound of Juicy Results is holding a free webinar on website optimization geared towards companies that offer professional services.  This would be a great time to learn about some of the great services that Juicy Results has to offer.

You can sign up for the event at:  http://www.juicyresults.com/2011/internet_marketing_webinar/