Roy Laudenslager – Act! Report Writer Guru

Phone: 561-470-5450 x3

Hi, my name is Roy Laudenslager and I am the Act! Reports writer expert.  I have worked with the Act! reports since Act! for Windows 2.0 and am known around Swiftpage as the Act! report writer guru. I wrote the 12 new reports that appear in Act! 2010/12, corrected the reports formatting in Act v19 and created two more new v19 Act Reports.  With the added ability to use scripts in the new Act! report editor, I am able to create Act! reports and labels that I could only dream about in earlier versions. Unlike other Act! consultants I don’t use a third pary product to create new Act! reports; in fact, I offer training to other Act! consultants in the Act! Report Writer.

I have spent my entire career working on computers.  I’ve repaired them, written numerous training manuals about them and spent many years doing troubleshooting them.  I began working with Symantec when they combined all their technical support in a new site in Eugene, Oregon. When they acquired the Act! program, I was one of the first Act! support agents.  I was already familiar with Act! having used the DOS version of Act! at another company. I spent the next 10 years supporting the Act! program for Symantec, then InterAct! Commerce Corporation and finally for Sage Software. By the time I left, I was the lead support agent for Act! “escalations”. Escalations are the problems that the regular support agents are unable to solve; my job was to solve the “unsolvable.” I also trained new support staff on database field modifications, reports, and synchronization. My expertise in the area of synchronization lead to the Knowledge Base document that I wrote for setting up synchronization, making it possible to synchronize Act!! 3 through 6 reliably.

I wanted to become an Act! Consultant so I left Sage and joined Karen as part of Tech Benders. This allows me to do what I love to do:  work with Act! users!  I have also been the Technical Editor for the Dummies books on Act!! versions 7-11.

I am located in Eugene, Oregon and I head the Tech Benders’ Oregon office.

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