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Act Tech Support Webinar: Click Here to Register

You probably love a good mystery – but not when it comes to your Act database!  If you’re like most Act users you rely on Act to run your business and when your Act starts “acting up” panic sets in.

I receive dozens of calls and emails a week from Act Users who are in need of Act tech support.  Ironically, most of the calls center around a set of core issues that are quite easy to fix.

The Virtual Act Users Group will be holding an Act Software Webinar on Tuesday, April 18 at 12 PM EST. The webinar is designed as a DIY tool to help you fix over a dozen of the most common Act issues and save you hours of troubleshooting time.  All registrants will be receiving a recording of the presentation in case you can’t attend the live presentation or want to refer to it later.

I’m also giving you a free copy of the“Fix Phone Formatting ” utility that will scour through every phone number in your database and correct the ones that have extra spaces, improper parentheses and/or invalid characters. This product retails for $79 and can save you hours of time.

Prior registration is required; click here to register.