help with act installationSo, you’ve purchased ACT and you’re ready to install it. Sounds easy, right? Sure it is – if you’ve got your ACT together!

Here’s a few hints that will help speed you on your way:

  1. Uninstall your current version of ACT if you’re using Versions 2005-2010. You’ll also want to remove SQL as well. I recommend using the ACT Uninstaller Utility which you can find on my website.
  2. Temporarily close down any firewall or anti-virus software that is running on your machine. These programs are designed to prevent unauthorized software from being installed on your computer – and will often prevent ACT from installing properly.
  3. Close any open software program that you are using. ACT will need to access Microsoft Office – but can’t do it if the software is currently running. ACT also “shares” files with other programs; having these programs can cause installation errors.
  4. Shut down any SQL instances that might be running. All current ACT versions run on a form of SQL; ACT’s instance of SQL will not install if another instance is running.  You’ll find SQL lurking in the Add/Remove programs area of the Windows Control Panel.  You’ll notice 4 items that all start with Microsoft SQL; remove them one at a time starting at the top of the list.

If you’re having trouble installing your new version of ACT, please contact us or visit our website!