act v17
We’re really excited about this version of Act! because it adds  new features designed to make you more productive in less time.  But don’t just take our word for it – see it yourself!  Go to my You Tube Channel for video demonstrations on all the features.
Act is available in a number of versions:

  • Act v18 Pro:  for single users or small groups who don’t require remote access
  • Act v18 Premium Subscription:  for users with remote access needs.  Your subscription includes tech support and requires a yearly renewal.
  • Premium Perpetual:  for users with remote access needs.  Your purchase includes one year of tech support and does NOT require a yearly renewal.
  • Act Premium Hosted: Need remote access or want a cloud based version of Act?  Ask us about Act Hosted options!

New Act v18 features include all the features that you love PLUS:

  • Free 500 Contact Act E-Marketing account
  • Compatibility with Windows 10
  • Compatibility with Office 2016

New Act v18 Premium features include:

  • Redesigned web interface
  • New web API functionality
  • Full Google Chrome support

Need additional information?  Check out our Act! Resources page!

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