act consultantNow that you have purchased Act! v17 for your business you may think that hiring an Act! consultant is a waste of time and money. The software does it all already doesn’t it? Wrong! Act! is only beneficial to your business if you utilize it properly, and that is what an Act! consultant can help you with.

Not sure about how to install and implement your new Act software? An Act consultant can help you with that. They can manage the implementation of the software to work with your existing hardware and train your employees on how to use the incredible software.

Once you’ve installed your new Act! software, you might realize that there are some aspects of the software that don’t work well for your particular needs. An Act! consultant can develop and customize your current software, so that it mirrors the exact way you are used to running your business.  They can help you with everything from automating the routine sending of e-mail and letters to building an effective sales pipeline.

An Act consultant can be useful in strategizing the best ways to nurture, retain, and grow your customer base.  A good Act consultant can show you how to use Act; a great Act consultant will optimize your software to make your more efficient, productive and profitable.

If you have Act  implemented in your operation, there is no doubt that you could benefit from the skill and advice of an Act consultant. Contact us to learn more about our Act consulting and Act training programs.