act training coursesWhether you’ve been using ACT! for years or are fresh in the game, there is always something new to learn. Now that you’ve upgraded to ACT! v17, you’ll need to make sure everyone on your team receives the proper training.

Even a beginner can figure out the basics, but often times there are some fields that are commonly overlooked because they seem unimportant. Additionally you should know how the contents of different fields can effect other areas of ACT!. Here are just some of the basics every ACT! user should be familiar with:

  • Adding Contacts
  • Common Entry Mistakes
  • System Fields
  • Commonly overlooked fields
  • Performing a Lookup
  • Working with Lists and Tabs
  • Creating Notes, Activities and Histories

Once you have the basics down, you can add a little spice to your gumbo. As an intermediate user, you’ll want to improve your efficiency and become more productive. This will result in your company to being more profitable. Here are a few items you need to learn in order to increase your bottom line:

  • Performing Advanced Look-ups and Queries
  • Working with Groups
  • Mail Merging and ACT! E-Mail
  • Navigating the Dashboards
  • Using Documents Tab
  • Creating Secondary and Related Contacts

Okay top dogs, now it’s your turn. Do you know how to best serve the needs of your business by customizing your database? As an advanced ACT! user, you must know the ins and outs and details of the system. Here is the short list:

  • Preparing for a New Database
  • Adding and Editing Fields
  • Creating and Editing ACT! Layouts
  • Understanding Contact and Field Level Security
  • Creating Document Templates
  • Using the Activity Series and Customizing Activity Types
  • Running Reports

Every business should have an ACT! Administrator. In turn, every administrator should be well versed in all of the above as well as the “back office” of v17. Here are a few examples:

  • Installing ACT! on a network
  • Setting the Act Scheduler
  • Changing the Preference Settings including Outlook Integration
  • Performing Database Clean-up & De Duplication
  • Setting up ACT! Synchronization
  • Adding Users and Creating Teams
  • Improving Performance

Everyone like a little lagniappe, so while you’re at it you should check out ACT! E-Marketing. ACT! gives you a choice of flavors including taking advantage of the Act E-Marketing account that is included free with your ACT! v16 or ACT! v17 purchase, or setup a Swiftpage E-Marketing account  Integration would allow you to do the following, plus much more:

  • Send messages to ACT! Groups, Companies and Look-Ups
  • View campaign results in ACT! in order to record those email addresses who have bounced, or who’s opted out
  • Create Call Lists of those who have shown interest in your message

We know that with your business, time equals money. You don’t need to be wasting it trying to figure out all the nooks and crannies of this system. Contact us for all of your ACT! training needs. You will be paired with a professional Act consultant who will teach you how to use the software effectively and will be there if you run into trouble or have questions. Who better to train your staff on ACT! v17 than those who wrote the book on it!