hosting an act databaseIt seems that these days “everyone wants to be in the clouds” but alas, many business owners don’t know what that means and/or how to get the job done. There are a number of ways to access an ACT! database “from the clouds.”

  1. You can use a product like CompanionLink to sync ACT! to Google.  You then install the Google app on your iPad, iPhone or Droid.  You would be able to access and/or edit your contacts and your calendar.  I normally recommend limiting the number of contacts you sync to 3,000 or less.
  2.  Install ACT! in a terminal server environment at your office.  This solution is best for companies that have access to good IT help and have the need to access more than just their ACT! database.
  3. Purchase ACT! Premium which includes the ACT! for Web piece and host it on your own web server.  This requires a static IP address and IIS as well as a bit of knowledge on internet security.  This will allow you to access your entire database via a web browser, even if you are using a Mac.
  4. We can host your ACT! database.  Pricing starts at $35/user/month.  We have a number of options available to either view your entire database from any web browser, or “sync” a local copy of your database to a hosted server.
  5. We can host your entire company (eg, QuickBooks, ACT!, Microsoft Office documents, etc).  Prices start at $70/user/month.  This in essence provides you with a “virtual desktop” that can be accessed from any browser and gives you full access to all of your data.

Basically your hosting decision depends on both what you’re willing to pay and your level of networking knowledge.  Once you decide which method works the best for you we can help you to get the job done so that you will be able to access your database “from the clouds.”