Most businesses understand that Act!is a game-changing tool that will allow them to work smarter and build their businesses faster. Just as building initial relationships with prospects is important, so is customer retention.  Using Act to help with your targeted marketing efforts will insure that your business will continue to thrive.

Track Prospect and Client Engagement through Act! Histories

It is imperative that you record histories of your prospect and customer interactions into Act!  This will enable your team to get a better understanding of why and how often you are reaching out to your various contacts.  Act! automatically records histories of your emails, and creates histories of cleared Meetings and Calls.  However, you might not know that you can easily create Custom Activity types and report on those as well.  For example, management might want to track Onsite Visits or Demonstrations which you can easily do by creating a Custom Activity type for each item.

Expand Your Reach by Connecting Act! to Social Networks

Your contacts – and their corresponding information – are constantly changing.  A great way to make sure that you stay in touch with your contacts is by connecting to them through social media.

Act!’s Web Info tab comes equipped with links to Llinked in and Facebook.  In addition, you can add links to the social media sites of your choice. You can use the Web Info tab to easily connect to your prospects and clients.

Connecting your Act! contacts to your social media sites has two great advantages:

  • You’ll receive notifications when your contacts move on to another company which will allow you to reach out to them in their new position and follow-up with the company they’ve left to make sure you know their replacement.
  • Social networks provide you with additional platforms to use to reach out to your contacts.

Use Act! to Take Action on “Overlooked” Data

The typical CRM database consists of 35% dead wood meaning that your contacts may have moved on to another company, changed their contact information or you just plain failed to reach out to them when you first added them to your Act! database.  You can use Act! to gain the insights you need to take action. You can set up Act! Dynamic Groups to find prospects that you haven’t spoken to in over a year, or clients that have not made any purchases in the current year. These insights can keep your sales team in the loop and present opportunities that might have “fallen through the cracks.”

Other Ways to Use Act!

Some other ways Act! can help improve your marketing efforts include:

  • Provide clean and accurate data
  • Segment data so that you’ll be sending targeted information to your clients and prospects
  • Identify cross-marketing opportunities based on current client data
  • Focus on the targets that provide you with the best stream of revenue
  • Provide faster response by focusing on the contacts that show the most interest in your mailings
  • Provide feedback so you can continually improve on your marketing tactics

This year as you go over your marketing plan, you might want to consider how to incorporate your Act! data into your marketing efforts. Contact the Act! Consultants of Tech Benders to see how you can use Act! to market your business!