swift page emailWe all receive an over abundance of e-mail, and your Act! E-Marketing blasts might get lost in the clutter.  Here are a few tips that will increase your “open rate” when using Act EMarketing.

  • Concentrate on the words you choose. The subject line makes the first impression on your email audience so avoid selling language and gimmicks. More importantly, keep subject lines succinct; six to ten word subject line typically have the highest open rates.
  • Be aware of spam filter criteria. Spam blockers are more likely to flag e-mail that uses all capital letters, too many exclamation marks, or key spam words such as “free,” “click now,” “sale” and “limited time offer.”  People want to receive information not be sold something.
  • Timing is everything.  Deciding what time and what day takes consideration of your target audience.  Email browsing increases when people come in to work and start their day or later in the day before they head home. Lunch times and post-work day times have lower rates because people are away from the office. Weekdays have better open rates than weekends.  Be aware of time zone differences between you and your audiences in order to make sure emails are reaching them at the desired time; a staggered release may benefit you for cross-country email blasts.
  • Allow your recipients to engage with your company by including links to your website, e-mail address, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. Having customers truly participate in e-mails means giving them a way to know more.
  • Don’t depend too heavily on images. Different web browsers and e-mail platforms will not always process images so caption them with descriptions that inform them of what they may be unable to see.  And remember that nearly 70% of e-mail is now read on a mobile device.

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