Wheact and surface pron I purchased my new all in one tablet last year I thought I was going to purchase the Microsoft Surface Pro. However, I decided on the Lenovo Yoga 900 because the comparable Surface Pro model was much more expensive and there was a wait time of nearly 6 weeks. Turns out I made a great decision as I’ve seen problems with Act! and the Surface Pro.

I’ve been really happy with my Yoga. I had no problem setting it up or installing software on it. And, being both a Florida Gator and an Act! Certified Consultant I was thrilled that I could get one in orange!

I have had no problem using my shiny new all in one with Act! but unfortunately I am finding that many of my clients that purchased the Surface Pro are having resolution problems that are making Act! almost unusable.

SwiftPage came up with a number of work arounds but never really fixed the problem. Ironically, an Act! user who goes by the handle of JagStyles on the Act!.com public forums came up with a solution. At that point Stan Smith, an Act! consultant and developer, verified that the fix worked with his own Surface Pro. Stan then very nicely created a video illustrating JagStyle’s fix.

You can find both the fix and the video by going to Stan’s site.  You’ll need to save the zip file to your computer and extract the .mp4 file in order to view the video.

Thank you, JagStyles and “Stan the Man!”