Act! is licensed on a “per user” basis. A license is required for each ACT!. For example, a company of 5 people will need 5 licenses of either Act! Pro or Act! Premium.

Licenses are designed to give you user accountability. For example, each licensed user of Act! will have their own set of Tasks and Activities. You will also be able to see which contacts a user has created, changed or even deleted.

Because Act! is sold on a “per user” basis, you do not need to purchase a separate license for a server installation of Act! In addition, you do not need to purchase licenses for users that work from both an office workstation, a laptop and a home computer.

Act! is not licensed on a concurrent basis. If a company consists of 10 people but only a maximum of 5 will be logged in at any one time, you will need to purchase a total of 10 Act! licenses.

Starting with v17, Act! allows “browse” users who will not be making changes to the database to access the database on a “read only basis” without the need to purchase a separate user license.