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by Rudy on Tech Benders
Happy that I decided to become a TechBender client

I am so happy that I decided to become a TechBender client versus subscribing directly with SwiftPage! You provide suchgreat and HELPFUL information....it's absolutely phenomenal. Thanks for all that you do!

by Paul D on Tech Benders

I gotta say “Between you and Me” that Report Card was the best damn $300.00 I ever spent!!!You showed us that the issues that have been causing some havoc here were:

  1. Not  Software issues
  2. Not equipment issues
  3. And sure as hell not the Local-IT’s issues
Anyway..Great meeting today Karen, outstanding job and Thank you,Paul D


by Phil B on Tech Benders
Thanks again Karen!

I fear for someone at Swiftpage trying to respond to your tickets given how much experience and knowledge you have. When you started talking yesterday about 30th anniversary of Act and having someone with experience back to V2.0, I almost cried… 🙂

LOL, you made my day!

by Tom T on Tech Benders
Great Webinar!

I just wanted to compliment you on the webinar.  The one thing you do, in my humble opinion, is you don’t talk down and still address both the novice and the experienced person.  As a former product trainer in the musical keyboard business it can be a challenge to find that balance.  Like they say, “Nothing replaces experience.”

Thanks Tom - you literally Rock!

by Larry W on Tech Benders
I am a big fan

My ACT is being backed up by a company led by Karen Fredericks. She is an ACT expert and I am copying her here. She is amazing.

by Tom C on Tech Benders
If you need someone to help you sell against Clientlook, I will gladly help.

I just found out Clientlook won’t even do mail merges!!  It was bad enough they don’t have a duplicate finder, etc….but they have NO way to do a mailing to a group, etc.  Their suggestion was to make a csv file, export it to office, and use that!  More steps…no history of what was sent….  What a bunch of crap.  If you need someone to help you sell against Clientlook, I will gladly help.  The time and money they cost me is ridiculous. Don't know why I ever left Act, especially when I have someone like Karen to help me.

by David H on Tech Benders
Kim did a great job.

Kim did a great job helping me resolve my issues with ACT.  Thank you for recommending her to me.

by Zach T on Tech Benders
Karen is the best

I value my data base over just about any single thing I own, being that is the only thing I cannot replace.  Bugged the crap out of Karen when I thought something was wrong with it last year, but she remains available for assistance when I freak out.  She is the best. I have really made a name for myself over the past couple of years as a cold caller who develops business.  Could not do it without ACT and Karen’s help.

Thanks for the kind words and your referral, Zach!

by Larry on Tech Benders
I Could not be Happier

Karen Fredricks and Tech Benders has hosted my ACT database and I could not be happier. Karen is a true professional and her knowledge, accessibility and willingness to resolve issues is second to none. My business relies on ACT and until I found Karen, contemplated moving platforms. Now that I found Karen, I could not be more pleased.

by Myrna on Tech Benders
Super Informative

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all your time.  I really appreciate it and all the questions you answered at the Road Show.  It was super informative and we probably would not have upgraded at all had it not been for your presentation and special pricing.  I’m so excited to see what new improvements will really help us to bring in more business.  You’re an amazing person and any place you work is ridiculously lucky to have you.  You have no idea how much you clarified for us.  Your presentation showed me some real key points to getting us working smarter and more efficiently.  Most of those shows just aren’t that informative while yours was awesome!

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