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Hi.  My name is Karen Fredricks and I’m the head Act Consultant, CRM Guru and owner of Tech Benders.  My goal is to take fairly complex business practices and make them so simple that even a dummy could understand them.  In fact I’m so good at what I do that I’ve written eleven For Dummies books for Wiley Publishing.  I’ve also created Act! and Outlook Training videos for lynda.com.  Most recently I have written two Act! “Cook Books” illustrating the more advanced features of Act!.

I have been appointed by Swiftpage to be a member of their Business Partner Advisory Council.

I specialize in taking the chaos of a typical business and developing systematic processes to make you more efficient, organized – and profitable!

I’m not sure which is more difficult – naming a child or naming a business.  I chose the name “Tech Benders”because I like to think that we bend technology to best suit the needs of your business rather than having to mold your business to fit a piece of software.  I can’t think of another organization that offers as high of a level of expertise as Tech Benders.  Only very special people can work for Tech Benders and that’s why I chose Roy, Kim and Carol.  Each of us brings a unique skill set to the table – Roy is the Act! Report Guru, Kim is the Act! Database Repair Guru, Carol is the Salesforce Guru and I am the CRM Guru!

I began my life rather non-technically growing up in Kenya where my dad served as the Minister of Agriculture.  I attended high school in Beirut, Lebanon which helped me develop a sense of humor while dodging bombs and having some amazing adventures.  Having traveled all over the world I ended up at the University of Florida and have been an ardent Gator fan ever since.  I have degrees in English and Accounting, and a Master’s degree in Psycholinguistics.  I began my career teaching high school English and Theatre.  I began working with PC’s during their inception in the early 80’s at IBM in Boca Raton and have worked full-time as a consultant and trainer ever since.  I’ve also raised two lovely daughters, Andrea Fredricks and Alyssa Fredricks.

In 2002 Wiley Publishing contAct!ed me to write Act!! 6 For Dummies; they were impressed with both my knowledge of Act!! and my humorous writing style.  The book proved to be so popular that I was asked to write four more books on Act!!. Prior to the launch of Office 2007 Wiley asked me to write three books on Microsoft’s new software: Outlook 2007 , Outlook 2007’s Business ContAct! Manager and Microsoft Office Live.  Because of my expertise in any and all things related to contAct! management and CRM, Wiley asked me to write a book onSugarCRM bringing the total of my books to ten.  I love writing the For Dummies books because they offer concise, easy to follow instructions – and mirror my own method of consulting!

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