Custom Act! Reports

If you’re looking for custom Act! reports you’ve come to the right place!  We are Act! report specialists and offer several solutions to your Act reporting challenges.We wrote the Act opportunity reports that were released in Sage Act! 2010.  We repaired the Act reports that didn’t print correctly in Act v19. We created new Act reports for Act v19.

Roy, our Resident Act! Reports Specialist

Hi, my name is Roy Laudenslager and I am the Act! Reports expert. I have worked with the Act! reports since Act! for Windows 2.0 and am known around the Act community as the Act! report writer guru. I even wrote the 12 new reports that appear in Act! 2010/Act v12.

With the added ability to use scripts in the new Act! report editor, I am able to create Act! reports and labels that I could only dream about in earlier versions. Unlike other Act! consultants, I don’t use a third party product to create new Act! reports; in fact, I offer training to other Act! consultants in the Act! Report Writer.

I have spent my whole career working with computers. I’ve repaired them, written numerous training manuals about them and spent many years troubleshooting them.

I began my career working with Symantec when they combined all their technical support in a new site in Eugene, Oregon. When they acquired the Act! program, I was one of the first Act! support agents. I was already familiar with Act! having used the DOS version of Act! at another company.

I spent the next 10 years supporting the Act! program for Symantec, then InterAct! Commerce Corporation,  and finally for Sage Software . By the time I left, I was the lead support agent for Act! “escalations”.

Solving the Unsolvable

Escalations are the problems that the regular support agents are unable to solve; my job was to solve the “unsolvable.” I also trained new support staff on Act database field modifications, reports, and synchronization. My expertise in the area of synchronization lead to the Knowledge Base document that I wrote for setting up Act database synchronization, making it possible to synchronize Act! 3 through Act 6 reliably.

I wanted to become an Act! Consultant so I left Sage and joined Karen as part of the Tech Benders team. This allows me to do what I love to do: work with Act! users! I have also been the Technical Editor for the Act for Dummies books on Act! versions 6- the Act by Sage for Dummies book, v12.

I am located in Eugene, Oregon and I head the Tech Benders’ Oregon office.

40 Great Act! Reports 

Adding information to an Act! database is only half the fun.  The other half comes from being able to analyze your data through the use of an Act report.  Act! comes with forty great Act reports and we’ve added over a dozen more in our custom Act! Report Package.  However, if you’re looking for a specific report feel free to e-mail Roy, our Act! report guru, with your design specifications.

If it’s possible to create a report in Act! – we can create it!

Act! Reports Package

Our collection of Act! Reports adds in many of the reports commonly requested by Act! users everywhere.

Unlike other Act! Report packages, our reports are written using the Act! Report Writer.  Once installed, you’ll be able to access the reports directly from Act! through the Act! Reports menu.

Click here to see a what the Custom Act! Reports look like.

You can reach Roy by Phone at 561-470-5450 x3 or send him an email.