card scanner and actIt seems like questions from Act users come in waves.  Last week I received two very similar questions about Card Scanners and Act.

“Karen, I contacted Card Scan to try and get the updated software so my CardScan would work on Actv16 but I’m told they don’t support it and didn’t look like they were moving in that direction.  Do you have any insight to that? If true, could you recommend a card scanner that would work with my version of Act 16 and even the newer Act v17?”

Right after that I received a similar request.

“Karen, is there a scanner similar to Neat Desk, that you recommend that interfaces well with ACT and QuickBooks?”

I confess. I know almost nothing about the scanners that are currently on the market today.  I bought my card scanner in 1998.  That said, I NEVER recommend going directly from a card scanner to Act!  To clarify, yes, I use a card scanner, and yes, my purpose is to get my contacts into Act!.  However, once I scan in my mountain of business cards I open them up in Excel, tweak the results and then import them into Act.

There are a couple of reasons why I like to export my information into Excel prior to dumping them into Act!

  • Excel allows me to easily view all of the data and tweak it according.  Card scanners are great but now always 100% accurate.
  • I like to add a column to Excel for the ID/Status field and mark the contacts accordingly.  For example, I might want to import all the new contacts as Prospects.
  • I like to add a column to Excel for the Referred by field and mark the contacts accordingly. For example, I might want to label all the new contacts as Trade Show or Dun & Bradstreet.

If you take the extra steps as I’ve outlined above you’ll be able to use ANY card scanner with Act! and your new contacts will be easier to work with in the future.

If you do need to purchase a card scanner here’s one that’s reasonably priced and will scan directly into older versions of Act.

If you need more help with your Act! software feel free to contact us.