custom act labelsNever underestimate the power of an ACT label!  We’ve expanded the functionality of the basic ACT labels to include:

  • Several sizes of post cards and announcements.
  • Additional label sizes
  • Index and Rolodex cards

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In addition, we’ve added the ability to indcate which set of addresses you consider to be the contact’s main mailing address.  For example, you might want to use the home address for one group of contacts, another group may be using the business address and still another group of your contacts is using the shipping address.  Problem solved!

The Labels package is designed to round out the standard selection of ACT labels and to add more mailing options.  If you store multiple addresses for your contacts you can use the Mail To option to specify the address you want to use.

The ACT Labels Package Features:

  • Mail To Selection: A unique feature of nine of the templates is the ability to specify the preferred mailing address at the time that the template is printed. To use this feature you need to set up a field in your database (instructions are included with the package) where you specify the preferred mailing address (ex, office or home) for each contact in your database.
  • Labels: The package includes seven templates for mailing labels:  xx60, xx61, xx62, xx63, xx64 and xx67.
  • Postcards: This package includes templates for all three style Avery postcard sheets. The 8386 and 8389 sheets provide two 4×6 cards per sheet in portrait orientation, While very similar, the format of these two sheet is slightly different requiring a different template for each. The 8383 sheet providers for four 4.25×5.5 cards per sheet in landscape orientation. This package provides blank Master templates for each sheet for you to create your message. Two different styles for the address side of the cards are provided for all three postcard sheets, one each for the standard main address and a separate one with the Mail To option.
  • Envelope: The package provides a template for the #10 envelope with the Mail To option.
  • Added Extra: sheet and a template for the Rolodex card sheet with fields for typical contact information.