ACT For DummiesWow!  Over a Dozen Books on CRM Software!

People often ask if Karen really wrote the Dummies book.  The answer is YES! In fact, she’s written five ACT For Dummies books (ACT! 6, ACT! 2005, 2006, 2007and ACT! 2008). Roy has served as the technical editor on the last four books.  Being the most widely published author on ACT made it easy to transition to other forms of contact management.  She has since written books on SugarCRM, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager, Outlook 2010 and Microsoft Office Live.

People also want to know what Karen did to get chosen as the official ACT! For Dummies author.  Actually, she didn’t do a thing – Wiley found her!  Wiley searched the Internet and decided that Karen was the most qualified person in the country to write the ACT! For Dummies books.

In 2009 contacted Karen and asked her to create a set of ACT Training videos.  They liked her friendly, easy to follow teaching style and ultimately asked her to do the Outlook 2010 video courses as well.

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