Act! FAQ

Pre-Sales Questions

Act! is contact management (CRM) software that helps individuals and small businesses become more efficient, productive and therefore more profitable. Act! has maintained its position as the Number One contact management system for 30 years because of its ease-of-use and affordability. Learn More

Of course. Download a free 30 day trial of either Act! Pro or Act! Premium. Should you decide to purchase simply add in your license number to continue using the software.

Act! Premium includes Act! Premium for Web, Act! Premium Mobile, and the Act! Sync services enabling remote and mobile users to access from a variety of locations and across multiple platforms. Premium also includes functionality more suited to “teams” of users.

Act! Pro is limited to a maximum of 10 users, includes limited remote options and does not include Team functionality.

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Act! is an easy to use, scalable and cost effective CRM system. Act! has a low cost of entry compared to many competitors including, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics. It has the same basic functionality found in all CRM software. Best of all, Act! is the only “hybrid” CRM solution which means you can make the determination to have your data can reside either on your own server or on a cloud server.

Act! is licensed on a “per user” basis. A license is required for each ACT!. For example, a company of 5 people will need 5 licenses of either Act! Pro or Act! Premium.

Licenses are designed to give you user accountability. For example, each licensed user of Act! will have their own set of Tasks and Activities. You will also be able to see which contacts a user has created, changed or even deleted.

Because Act! is sold on a “per user” basis, you do not need to purchase a separate license for a server installation of Act! In addition, you do not need to purchase licenses for users that work from both an office workstation, a laptop and a home computer.

Act! is not licensed on a concurrent basis. If a company consists of 10 people but only a maximum of 5 will be logged in at any one time, you will need to purchase a total of 10 Act! licenses.

Starting with v17, Act! allows “browse” users who will not be making changes to the database to access the database on a “read only basis” without the need to purchase a separate user license.

There are no recurring charges with the purchase of Act! Pro. Act! Premium is only available on a yearly subscription basis that provides users with SwiftPage tech support and all new releases. There is an additional charge if you do not want to host Act! Hosted/Cloud-based Act! on your own servers.

ACT! is a truly hybrid solution. In addition to accessing Act! through your peer to peer or client/server network you can access Act! using any of the following options:

  • Via Terminal Server or a Citrix connection. Remote users will have real-time access to their ACT! data.
  • Remote synchronization. Remote users can work from a local copy of the database even during times when they do not have Internet connectivity. Updates can be synchronized with the master database when the user is connected to the Internet.
  • Act! Premium for Web using the clients own web server. This option provides remote users access to the Act! database via a web browser. The Act! data resides on your own server.
  • Act! Premium for Web using an Act! hosting provider. This option provides remote users access to the Act! database via a web browser. The Act! data resides on someone else’s server.
  • Via smart phones and tablets. There are a number of options to allow you to access your Act! data from mobile devices.

Act! Premium includes the software you need to enable web access at no additional charge. Remote and mobile users can log-on to your web server to access your Act! database via a web browser such as Internet Explorer and Chrome. Contact data remains on your server and within your firewalls and administrators centrally control which users are authorized to have web access or access via a local Windows installation, or a combination of both.

Once ACT! Premium for Web is configured mobile users can also access contacts, calendars and Act! histories via an app-style interface that is available on all HTML5 compatible browsers including Apple and Android devices.

Don’t want the responsibility of maintaining your own Web server? Tech Benders offers a variety of Act! hosting plans starting at $150 per user per year. Learn More

Act! Premium users have access to many Act! functions using the Act! Premium Mobile interface that is compatible with iPad and other HTML5 compatible devices. Third party services are also available including CompanionLink that synchronizes Act! data with your iPad & other mobile devices.

Yes! When you purchase your Act! software from Tech Benders we send you easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. However, if you don’t feel up to the challenge remember that your Act! Premium subscription purchase includes free SwiftPage Act! tech support. If you purchase Act! Pro there are also several support options available to you. And of course, you can always hire Tech Benders to help you with your Act! installation or with any additional Act! tech support questions that you might have.

ACT! automatically installs Microsoft SQL 2014 Express. For additional power you can use your own instance of Microsoft SQL 2012 or 2014 Standard to leverage extended scalability and performance.

First of all, Excel and Outlook are typically not shared and most companies want one centralized database. Act! allows you to track all of your contact interactions (Notes, Activities, Sales Opportunities, Email Campaigns, etc) in one place. Most importantly you can use Act! to view overall trends within your business to help project and increase future sales. You can use Act! to easily segment your contacts using your specific criteria, and market to one or all segments.

Because Act! is accessible to your entire team it allows you to improve communication, avoid duplication, streamline processes and allow you to implement and follow the processes that will grow your business and retain your customers.