Act! FAQ

ACT! Compatibility

Absolutely! Act! will allow you to import a variety of data types including Excel, Outlook, and Access. And, if you currently have data in other sources including, Sage CRM or an accounting product such as QuickBooks we can help you import that data into Act! so that you won’t lose a single piece of data!

Absolutely! If you are moving away from we will make sure that ALL of your data will transfer into Act!.

Act! can work on a Mac computer that has installed a Windows partition using Parallels or Boot Camp. In addition, if you have Act! for Web you can access your entire database using the Chrome browser in your Mac.

Act! will work on most versions of Windows including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It will also work on Windows Server 2008, 2011 and 2012. Learn More

ACT! Pro and Act! Premium automatically install Microsoft SQL Express. Act! Premium will also work with your own copy of Microsoft SQL Standard to leverage extended scalability and performance.

Yes! ACT! integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office. That means you can easily export your information into Excel or import information into Act! from an existing spreadsheet. It also means that you can easily transform your existing Word documents into Act! personalized Act! templates that can be sent via either snail mail or e-mail. Best of all, the Outlook integration automatically records your outgoing email messages into an Act! “history” record that can be shared with the other members of your team.

Yes, depending on what type of accounting software you use. There are great links available for QuickBooks, Sage 50 (Peachtree) and Sage ERP.

Act! includes the functionality for email merging using Outlook. This is effective for simple email templates using plain text and messages that are sent in small batches.

If you want to email to larger segments of your Act! database you can use either the original SwiftPage E-Marketing platform or the newer, Act! E-Marketing product. These products are “email service providers” that are built into Act!. They support HTML email templates, track email opens rates and provide a variety of reports for each of your email campaigns. The integrated “Act! Call List” provides you with a ranked call list of contacts based on their level of interest to each message. Best of all, the email service providers make sure that you remain completely spam compliant.