Act! EMarketing Training

Take Act! to the next level by learning how to integrate Act! automatically to your Act! E-Marketing account.  The Act! EMarketing Training is designed to turn the typical Act User into an E-Marketing Power User. We can also provide SwiftPage Email Training.
Suggested Length: 3.5 hours

This class will teach you how to :

  • Edit existing Templates
  • Create new HTML E-Mail Templates including adding merge fields, hyperlinks and attachments
  • Send messages to Act! Groups, Companies and Look-Ups
  • Write campaign results back to Act! so you’ll know whose email has bounced, or who’s opted out
  • Create Call Lists of the people who have shown interest in your message
  • Automate the process by creating Drip Marketing Campaigns (SwiftPage Email Only)
  • Review Send Reports

Additional Training Materials: