Act! Quickbooks Link

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Are you using both ACT and QuickBooks?  Tired of doing double-entry? We’ve got the answer!

  • Link Records between ACT! and Quickbooks
  • Synchronize Contact Data between ACT! and Quickbooks
  • Create Quickbooks Customers from Records in ACT!
  • Create Quickbooks Invoices, Estimates, Sales Orders from ACT!
  • Create ACT! records from Quickbooks customer records
  • Convert ACT! Opportunities to QB Transactions (ACT! 2010)
  • View Quickbooks Sales Transactions in ACT!
  • View Quickbooks Items Purchased in ACT!
  • Lookup Customers by Items Purchased in ACT! or by sales totals
  • View the last 3 years of Sales Totals in ACT!
  • View Past Due Balance information and Last Invoice Date in ACT!
  • Configure/Map which fields push between ACT! and Quickbooks
  • All data resides in ACT! fields and syncs out to remote databases

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