act addonIn ACT! 2011, the New History window (CTRL + H)  defaults to Appointment instead of Call as in all previous versions. Find it annoying? Download the free History Window Fix for Sage ACT! 2011 to resolve this issue.

NOTE: There is no interface, simply install and restart ACT!.

NOTE:  If you want the history window to default to another type of activity other than Call, locate the DefaultActivity.txt file, open it with Notepad, and type the activity name on the first line (ex: Meeting).  You can also type the default result on the second line (ex: Meeting held).

The DefaultActivity.txt file is located at:

§  Windows 7 or Vista: C:ProgramDataExponencielHistory Window Fix

§  Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataExponencielHistory Window Fix.

Using ACT 2010? Use this download: History Window Fix for ACT! 2010.