Karen Fredricks – Sales, E-marketing & CRM Guru

Kim Winton – Act! Database Repair Guru

Phone: 561-470-5450 x2 Hi, my name is Kim and I repair Act! databases.  I am one of only 6 people authorized by Sage Software to perform Act! database repairs and conversions.  In fact, I’m the one Sage calls when they need help.  I have yet to find an…Read More

Roy Laudenslager – Act! Report Writer Guru

Salesforce Trainer Hi. My name is Carol Gilliland and I specialize in Salesforce training. I was the co-author of the Salesforce book,  “Maximizing Your Sales with Salesforce.com.” Once Tech Benders gets your Salesforce database converted to Act! I can help you learn the ins and outs of applying Salesforce methodology to Act!. …Read More